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Vendor Selection

Choosing the right product is not an easy task. Software for enterprise is usually very specialized, the number of productive installation is seldom very high in number. It requires very detailed knowledge and market experience to understand whether the promises made by a software vendor do indeed match the requirements. We offer the special service to manage and moderate the vendor selection process from compiling the detailed specifications for a Request for Information up to installation of the selected product. This includes also review of the submitted proposals and documents with respect to completeness and correctness and professional preparation of presentation workshops including the design of proper exercises for demonstration of capabilities during a workshop. Proper vendor selection is also more and more subject to corporate standards and compliance. With us independent broker you have an efficient mean to block illicit attempts of vendors to influence a decision through unofficial channels or by trying to bundle a deal with benefits in other areas; such influence is usually harmful and leads often to heavy frustration of people who need to use the procured software later. In addition your vendors have competent peers to talk to and ask technical questions with respect to the request for Information or procurement circumstances.