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The 50 Experts Story

After a life time in leading many a technology project we have now joined forces for handholding the next generation during their way to the future.
New Game is On
The Digital Transformation has brought all nations back to zero. In the digital era, the old industries no longer have an advantage over small, ambitious emerging countries.
Agriculture 4.0
Agriculture 4.0 applies the concepts of Industry 4.0 with IoT and AI to achieve higher efficiencies and zero waste in the face of rising population and climate change.
Digital Transformation
The key challenge of the future is finding ways to make daily life compatible with the lightning fast progress of the Digital world. 50 Experts build the bridge.
Evolution by Design
Innovation is the gold of the future. <b>Evolution by Design</b> allows things to grow freely to give room to creativity and permit change for the better without destroying the good.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the challenge of the coming decades. Computers transform from mere machines into instruments that help enhance our brain and make decisions.
Digital Retrofit
There is no need to replace your old industry equipment for Industries 4.0. We retro-fit your machines to be IoT ready.
Hologramming is an agile management methodology to enhance collaboration of disparate and virtual teams.
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