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Logosworld Education Services
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Logosworld Education Services

Designing and implementing education strategy for emerging countries

Logosworld assists with great ambition governments and corporates in emerging countries to find proper and efficient sustainable strategies for the challenges of the Digital transformation. We offer to act as think-tank and assist in matching the industry needs with long-term sustainable education goals and define them in comprehensive syllabi.

Education Consulting Offers


  • Assess the current possibilities of country and local corporate landscape in global comparison and find out strengths and weaknesses in world comparison.
  • Evaluate which digital area is needed and promises quick and long-term benefit for the local society.
  • Analyse the education requirements to achieve the defined digital goals based on assessment.
  • Design syllabi according the assessed requirements that are compliant with international standards and allows students to get studies accepted globally.
  • Examine colleges and universities with respect to compliance to defined standards and due diligence.
  • Assist in forming international alliances and co-operations between local and international schools.

Target groups

The consulting is primarily targeted for government agencies and degree granting universities. Private academies are welcome but should be aware that we cannot offer individual course development but rather build education strategies.


Government bodies

We help government bodies preparing syllabi that cover the needs of country and political long-term vision for education in Digital topics and allow international endorsement.

Degree granting university

For degree granting universities the focus will be in finding international universities and make their syllabi compliant with international standards or achieve endorsement.


For academies we offer verification of courses against international standards compliance and evaluate their maturity versus industrial needs.

Consortium Building Offers


The digital transformation brings a growing degree of complexity into the world of IT. It is more and more unlikely that a single service provider or academy is able to deliver all what is needed for a project. In addition, for critical services it is wise to have more than one provider and peer-control for verification.

The industry best practice for finding optimum is building a consortium. We offer building sustainable consortia between local and international academies in combination with appropriate corporates. We offer selecting the members of a consortium along with forming the teams, train and practice the collaboration rules and skills, define the arbitration procedures and the syllabi for on-boarding and off-boarding team members and replacing consortium members.

Team moderation and arbitration

During regular operation, we may act as arbitration board to guarantee sustaining performance and quality of execution and mediate in case of contention within consortium or with customer.

Consulting Fees (Basic price list)

Prices are generally on time and material basis. The following rates apply per default and are here as an orientation. Only the actual valid country price list in combination with a personalized quote will be binding and allow a proper reference. Please send us a detailed RFQ or RFP to receive a proper bid for your project.

Prices vary depending on region with generous discounts for emerging countries and degree granting universities with whom we close a special cooperation agreement.


Rate per day/cap

Standard Rate

Country group 2

Emerging Countries

Lead strategy advisor
Project Leader

EUR 2’400

EUR 1’500

EUR 1’000

Project Lead

EUR 2’400

EUR 1’500

EUR 1’000

Assistance services

EUR 1’200

EUR 1’000

EUR 800

Offshore team

EUR 600

EUR 600

EUR 600


Travel Expense Guidelines

All rates are exclusive travel expenses.

Accommodation: Customer will cover accommodation for hotel accommodation in a 4-star hotel including breakfast and dinner (e.g. Novotel) and all ground transport within the country.

Flight Rules

  • Unless otherwise agreed, flights from and to Germany should be Lufthansa only.
  • Typically, we also accept business class with the local national airline or Star Alliance members.
  • Time in Business Class flights is not accounted as work time.
  • Time in economy class flights or ground transport are billable working time.