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Manage Onsite-Offshore Project Professionally

Training course on project management for disparate teams

Come and get a superior and exclusive high calibre training to learn the skills to manage Offshore teams in Indo-German collaboration yourself. Training is held exclusively held by Global Project Rescue advisor Axel Angeli from Germany.

Mr Axel Angeli is a project veteran who travels the world now for over 25 years to rescue, realign or simply enable disparate teams in IT to work together in perfect harmony. He is a silver-back in IT project management who has collected enough experience to even stabilize already collapsing projects with sovereignty and never loses the nerves or tone. He is eager to share is unique wisdom in IT technology and project management in worldwide distributed projects.

The course prepares the audience to manage offshore projects between Western clients in India offshore teams.

  • • How Western clients see offshore team
  • • Understanding expectations of Western clients
  • • Communication with clients in offshore mode
  • • Handling requirements according to international standards (ISO 20000, ITIL)
  • • Estimating effort and work load for offshore
  • • Assuring quality in offshore teams
  • • Documenting requirements and achievements
  • • Proper appraisal if work
  • • On boarding/Off boarding team members • Skill requirements for offshore teams
  • • Evaluation of skill profiles for new candidates
  • • Self-motivation techniques for offshore teams


  • Holding telephone and multimedia conferences
  • Discussion and effort estimate for real live offshore work requirements
  • Duration: 5 Day classroom training with team exercises and oral examination

Course Quality

  • "Elite": max 20 students per class - 50.000INR
  • "University" up to 50 students per class - 25.000INR
  • Course will be honoured with the Blue Elefant Certificate in Project Management for qualified consultants

Course will end with a personal interview and brief oral examination; degree of certification will be decided by the professor based on the impression and answers of the examination interview.