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India Business Locations

Selected Locations for Business in India

Selected Locations for Business in India

We have suggestions for your itinerary, but you are free to plan your own travel as long as you make sure to join the event dates and are present on the Indiasoft official events. During the events we take care of all the local organization. If you have special wishes for matchmaking or want to get introduced to a special party, it will be our pleasure to assist. Of course, we cannot see all the suggested places in one tour. We will select the destinations based on the special interest of the delegates that join us. 


Bangalore has long been known as the “Garden City” chosen by British Colonialists as there headquarter due to the nice weather in 920 meters altitude. Being a small village in 1990 it is now the “Electronic City” and India’s place where the big international firms settle while Indian IT companies prefer Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai.


Hyderabad is the old city in the South and has been the head quarter of the Persian Moghuls. The landmark is Golkonda, one of the largest fortresses in the world. Today the city is dominated by the district “Cyberabad”, India’s Silicon Valley where most Indian IT giants and internationals like Microsoft or Amazon have their headquarters.

Visakhapatnam (Vizag) – Andhra Pradesh

In 2014 the federal state of Andhra Pradesh had been separated and a new state Telangana has been acclaimed. Hyderabad is now capital of Telangana, and the remaining part of Andhra will now have a new High-Tech City in the harbour town. Here you can rely on talents, good infrastructure, and a modern open mindset.
Vizag is India’s second largest seaport opposite to Mumbai on the eastern coast. It is a fast-growing start-up hub of the state of Andhra Pradesh with the ambition to be a centre of future high-tech development. Knowing that the majority of Internationally active Indian IT workers come from Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring Telangana and Tamil Nadu, Vizag is now one of the poshest places in India with good investment perspective. 

New Delhi

New Delhi Capital Region (NCR) is next to Mumbai one of the largest cities in the world and became a very modern Western oriented city. Being India’s capital, all big decisions are prepared and made here. Technology firms are settled mainly around in the Greater Delhi area including neighbouring Noida and Gurgaon.
Delhi und Jaipur are also the starting points for visiting Taj Mahal (Agra). 

Chandigarh (Punbjab, Harayana, Union Territory)

Chandigarh is in the north of India, a union territory and capital of two states at the same time: Punjab and Haryana. It is well known by architects as the new town had been designed in 1955 by Le Corbusier as the city of the future.

Bhubasneswar (Odisha)

Bhubasneswar is the new rising star of India's high tech and software industry. Located in the east and more rural jungle of India it shows that brains do not need metropoles to perform.

Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Jaipur was once the capital of the united empire of the Maharajas and is known as touristic highlight. Jaipur is number 5 in the ranking of Indian IT centres where you find a lot of specialized technology firms and start-ups.

Pune (Maharashtra)

Pune is the city of the sciences, approx. 1.5 driving hours from Mumbai Airport and the place to go when Mumbai is too crowdy. Pune is known as “City of the Germans” due to the presence of Volkswagen and the OSHO (“Bhagwan”).

Chennai (Madras)

Chennai is next to Hyderabad and Bangalore the most important IT hub of India’s IT. A little bit hot and hazy for Europeans but conditioned by Christians and hence strongly influenced by the Occident.