SAP Advanced ABAP All-in-One Programming Practice

This is a course that you will not find in any SAP or other training catalogue. This course will teach you all the basic programming elements of the SAP ABAP programming language that you need to join an already experienced team or project of ABAP developers.
Classical ABAP courses teach the individual topics one after the other in very much detail, The disadvantage is that you will get over-freighted with detail knowledge without seeing how the elements are working successfully together; even worse: while you spent a lot of time learning many things that you cannot use in practice for a long time you still lack of understanding how all the other ABAP components work or even understand what your colleagues is working on. Countless number of programmers have eventually spent time in inefficient courses with the result that they had to learn the real knowledge in own experiments during the already on-going project and/or with help of internet discussion forums like SDN.
This course teaches you a lateral cut of ABAP and focusses in understanding what the pros and cons of the individual components are, helping you to choose between potentially concurrent solutions and makes you understand how the components interact with and depend of each other.

The course is made of two components:
Component one is held by international SAP Guru and Veteran Mr Axel Angeli himself to give you the world-class entry into the world of Advanced ABAP.
Component two is a practical workshop subsequent to component 1 course and gives the students the opportunity to program a "real" demo application making use of the elements learned in the component 1 course.

===Course Content:===
• Introduction to the SAP core modules FI, CO, MM, SD, PP
• Architecture of the SAP ABAP system and landscapes
• Programming styles and strategies in ABAP
• Modular programming in ABAP using Function Groups and ABAP OO Classes
• Making Remote Function Calls (RFC) to gather data from disparate data sources
• Writing batch enabled programs in ABAP
• Programming web pages using BSP and WebDynpro
• Accessing SAP through the internet
• Programming ABAP native complex user interfaces for the SAPGUI using ALV technology
• Programming ABAP native complex user interfaces for web access using WebDynpro technology
• Creating professional print documents with ABAP (SmartForms, SAPScript, Crystal reports)
• Data exchange between SAP system using ALE and IDocs
• EDI with SAP using IDoc technology
• Performance optimizing ABAP

Component 1: 10 Days classroom training - Held by Axel Angeli
Component 2: 20 Days practical workshop - assisted by a local senior ABAP development mentor

===Target audience:===
Advanced programmers who have learned ABAP programming
Pre-Requisite: Students should have good practical experience in programming and already made a first experience with ABAP programming itself. *)
*) For programmers who have had no chance to work with ABAP on a SAP system before, we other a two weeks introduction and preparation course held by a local senior professor for SAP software development

Component 1 "Quality Level: Elite": max 20 Students per course, 60000INR
Component 1 "Quality Level: Basic": max 50 Students per course, 30000INR

Component 2 "Quality Level: Elite": max 20 Students per course, 50000INR
Component 2 "Quality Level: Basic": max 50 Students per course, 30000INR

Course will be honoured with the Blue Elefant Certificate in Technology Excellence in Programming
Course will end with a personal interview and brief oral examination; degree of certification will be decided by the professor based on the impression and answers of the examination interview.