SAP R/3 IDoc Cookbook for EDI and Interfaces

This book is an in-depth discussion and cookbook for IDoc development in R/3 for EDI and eCommerce

The Book The Book as PDF

SAP R/3 made an old dream come true: enter your business data once in your computer and trigger all the following activities automatically, send the data to another computer without typing them in again.

Facts, Know-how and recipes, that is all you can except from this book.

Establish EDI communication with your clients or suppliers

communicate in real-time with your legacy and satellite systems

send and receive data to and from your production machine

integrate PC or UNIX applications directly in R/3 with RFC

automate your business from order entry to invoicing

survey your purchase orders for goods receipt to clearing payments

The authors know, that nobody will believe them: but it is so imple and easy with R/3 to set up an automated business scenario with IDocs, ALE and Workflow

This book teaches you how SAP R/3 approaches in a coherent concept the electronic data exchange with another computer. With this know-how

Paper is out - EDI is in

No modern global playing company will allow their suppliers any more, to deliver their order, delivery, transport and invoice information on paper. They require

Read in this book, why

EDI will be unevitable in future global business

EDI projects with R/3 would often cost five to ten times as much as necessary?

IDocs and ALE are the ideal bridge between R/3 and legacy systems

IDocs are the framework for a fully automated business workflow

In the technical part of the book you will learn, how to

customize the R/3 IDoc engine

interface IDocs with standard converters for X.12, EDIFACT, VDA etc.

design your own IDoc structures

write IDoc handler programs in an hour

trigger IDocs from any R/3 application via messages or workflow

set up automated workflow based on IDocs

set up ALE scenarios for automated data replications