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Past events: SOAIndia 2008

SOA India was a great success with high profile speakers and an excellent audience.

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Houston (30th Nov 05) and Baltimore (8th Dec 05) ;

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Axel Angeli - Editor logosworld.comCome visit my forum on SAP Interface technologies, where I will answer all kinds of questions about IDoc, ALE, Workflow, interface design, WebAS development etc

R/3™ Guide to EDI, IDocs, ALE, Interfaces

Details Our bestselling cookbook that became a standard guide book for everybody who wants to develop his own IDocs and interfaces with R/3. Amazon

German Language: Technische Integration von SAP-Systemen

Details New publication with recipes and technical discussion of the new SAP integration technologies around Netweaver. Amazon

Our Services

Blue Elephant League: The World's Premier League of SOA Experts

  • The Blue Elephant is the logo given to proven experts in the SOA arena. Every member of the Blue Elephant League is a true expert in SOA and EAI behalfs, not only in terms of technical implementation but also in getting your SOA project on track and orderly fulfilled. [more]

SOA and ESA Competence out of first hand

  • The Service Oriented Architecture will change the face of IT in lightning speed. But SOA is not simply a new technolgy (which in fact is the Enterprise service Bus ESB) but a complete new understanding of IT based on communication and self-organisation. SAP challenges the established middleware vendors with its XI successor ESA. Our offer is to enable your staff to understand ESA and SOA better and evaluate the benefits and risks within your company

Coaching for SAP® Projects, Audit and Mediation

  • Coaching is a special form of teaching highly skilled people to improve their work and to review their efforts.
  • With mediation, we care for the difficult area of bringing peace and steadiness into a project and play the arbiter between the project owner and the project management.
  • Audit is the permanent review of business and design processes in respect to the expected return of investment.

Industry app developed on SAP® WebAS

New! For a world-wide operating chemical manufacturer, we developed a production controller with full control of peripherals and process scheduling on the basis of a plain WebAS 6.2 system.

Benefit from our independence as freelancers to mentor your SAP R/3™ project is an association of R/3 developers with many years of experience in  team mentoring and trouble shooting critical projects. Although we are generally all-rounders who know the R/3 kernel from bottom to top, we also have special knowledge where we are far better than many competitors.

SAP Netweaver™ Know-How Transfer are specialists for interfaces between R/3 and non-R/3 systems. We concentrate on implementing solutions around SAP's Netweaver Technology and are expert in ALE, IDocs, RFC and BAPI. Several years of know-how in internet programming give us ideal competence in building applications and R/3 e-commerce.


Our Partners

OSco GmbH Mannhein/Germany: The PP/PI Experts

OSCo are specialists in the SCM arena and have developed a great tool to automate the full process chain in the milling industries that outperforms SAPs milling solution by ease of use and capabilities.