Publications and Blogs

Publications and Blogs

Since 1999 I am regularly publishing on project methodology and special technology solutions.

Hologramming – Agile Project Execution with a Plan

Hologramming is a best-of-breed project execution methodology that combines formal project guide lines like defined e.g. in PRICE-II or V-Model with standard operation procedure based guide books like PMBOK and refines them with agile strategies like defined e.g. in SCRUM. The concept is based on simply but strict commandments to allow accelerated team education and keep compliance simply. It gives tribute to the insight that the humans who execute the individual project sprints between sub-targets require recipe and plans to fulfil their task with confidence.

Mitigating Complexity and Synergetic

Complexity is both a blessing and a curse: complexity is the driving force to enable and promote any kind of progress while it can easily get out of control when there are improper control mechanisms in place. Complexity brings synergetic effects that may have impact in places widely remote from the causing location. It is the fine art of complexity management to mitigate the negative effects of complexity while promoting the positive synergetic moments. The difference between linear and complex project control lies in the ability to think in networks rather than sequences but it requires both a paradigm shift how computing landscapes are designed and operated as well how projects are steered and controlled. Methodologies to cope with the intricacy of such projects are well-known for generations of mankind but were not common practice in IT sectors. The art is adopting them to the modern world of computers.

Cloud and the Next Industrial Revolution

The World Wide Web introduced the ability of bi-directional communication in real-time between any two computers in the world. Cloud computing allows now any two computers in the world to exchange information without human intervention. The whole WWW is going to act and behave like one giant computer brain. This brings us to a new frontier in possibilities to work with computers. This new Industrial revolution is already unstoppable but the brave new world comes with the Hercules challenge to find ways to monitor and control information exchange and Synergetic of the cloud.

Mentating IT

Computers are traditionally known as to reason strictly “logical”. The power of computers is indeed their capability to reproduce results deterministically with algorithms. When many people work and live together in a society it is equally desirable to have clear and easy to follow guidelines. The more complex a task becomes the more we wish to be able to act like a computer, strictly following a given recipe without making mistakes. We call the attempt to make humans act like a computer: “Mentating” as reminiscence to the Science-Fiction novel “The Dune” by Frank Herbert.

CMI9 - Capability Maturity Index9

CMI9 (Capability Maturity Index) validation methodology is an agile and easy to understand general purpose benchmarking metric to evaluate and compare the maturity and quality of SOA related services by different vendors with each other.

Product and Market Analyst

Since 2007 I am doing regularly comparison studies for best-of-breed software solutions to be used in Service-oriented architecture. This includes full market overview of Enterprise Service Bus Middleware solutions, Message-Queuing solutions inclusive message-queue protocols, Content-Management-Systems for high-volume access, E-Commerce solutions for B2B and B2C web-shops with high volume traffic.