Tips, Tricks, Traps & Pitfalls with SAP© and Netweaver

Execution of a command when there is no command line

It happens that you won't see a command line windows in SAPGUI, e.g. when you are in a modal popup window. There is an ample trick to send an arbitrary command to the SAPGUI.

If you want to send the "/H" command to activate the debugger, you need an arbitrary text file with the following content.


Then you simple drag the file over the popup window and drop it there, et voila!

Setting a watchpoint on an internal table

There is a possibility to set a watchpoint on an internal table to halt the debugger whenever a row of the table is inserted or deleted (but not when a row is simply modified!).

For every internal table there is an implicit adminsitrative header line, that takes the name of the table with a preceding asterisk (*).

E.g. data: itab type table of t000.<a href="#ref01">ref01</a>

The administrative header for table itab[] is then *itab[], on which you may set a watch-point.

Note: The administrative header will be available only when the table is created, i.e. the after some row has been appended to it the first time.